Kansas City International Airport Parking Guidelines

Kansas City International Airport Parking Guidelines

Try to find a safe parking garage close to Kansas City International Airport. As Missouri’s MCI Airport is a major hub for domestic and international travel. Any traveler visiting the airport should have a positive and stress-free experience.

This international airport’s proximity to major cities is one of its best features. It’s only 15 minutes from Kansas City’s thriving downtown area. MCI Airport is conveniently located near many of the area’s must-see landmarks. Union Station, Tiffany Greens Golf Course, and Harley Davidson Vehicle & Powertrain Operations are examples of the many tourist destinations available.

You can reach MCI Airport from Union Station in about a 17-mile drive. There are plenty of shops and museums to explore. Kansas City International Airport is conveniently located near the heart of the city.

KCI Airport Parking

How Does Airport Parking Work?

When traveling through an airport, you can choose from six distinct parking options: Vehicles waiting in the designated drop-off and pick-up areas can pull up to the terminal’s curbside for a short period (often less than 15 minutes). The driver can park for free or at a minimal cost in a secluded lot designated as a cell phone waiting lot while waiting to pick up the passenger.

Parking vs. Public Transportation:

It’s standard practice for people to take rideshares and public transportation to and from the airport. However, each choice comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For most people, taking public transit isn’t an option, and ridesharing services may quickly rack up high costs and unpredictability.

What to expect?

Terminals B and C at Kansas City International Airport have undergone some renovations and are connected by a free shuttle service. Both terminals include a decent selection of restaurants and stores, with a greater concentration on the landside. When you’re on the airside of the terminal, you can sense claustrophobia due to the buildings’ diminutive size.

Going through security checkpoints can take a long time and often becomes chaotic. It is necessary to clear security again when changing terminals. There is Wi-Fi throughout, plus power outlets to recharge mobile devices. In this airport, VIP waiting areas are not available.

MCI Customs and Security:

There are four security checkpoints at MCI Airport, with two placed in Terminal B next to gates 31–35 and 56–60. There are two security checkpoints in Terminal C, one by Gates 61–69 and another by Gates 76–85.

The store is open at different times depending on when the flights are. Standard check-in time is 2 hours before the first flight departure, but if you need to get there earlier, your airline may allow you to do so with a fee.

Reminders to Think About Before Leaving:

If you follow these guidelines before you go, you’ll have a much smoother time once you arrive at KCI.

  • Make sure your bags don’t weigh too much. Bags weighing more than 50 pounds may incur additional fees when traveling by flight. Don’t forget to pack your checked suitcase with large containers of liquids or gels.
  • Check the TSA’s forbidden items list to see what you can’t bring.
  • Verify that your driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification exactly matches the name on your airline ticket.
  • Before heading out the door, ensure your flight has taken off.
  • Two hours before takeoff is the absolute least time to check in if you wish to get to the airport with plenty of time, even if lines are long.
MCI Airport Parking Shuttle

The Airport’s Amenities:

  • Money and communications: Each terminal is equipped with not one but two ATMs.
  • Luggage: For safety reasons, we cannot offer luggage storage. Get in touch with the airline if your bags go missing.
  • Conference and business: Conference space is offered at the Delta Crown Room Club at Terminal B. Terminal C is also home to the American Airlines Admirals Club.
  • Shopping: Even if there isn’t much to get excited about, plenty of shops provide your every need. At Terminal A, you can stop at KC Marketplace for trinkets and souvenirs or CNBC News and Gifts for reading material. Other shops, including Mi Music Box, PGA Tour Shop, Shine on the Go, and Plaza News and Books, can be found at Terminal B. Mi Music Box and CNBC News and Gifts both have stores at Terminal C.
  • Food and drink: Several food options are available in each terminal building. Coffee and pastries are available at Cinnabon To-Go, Quiznos, and Starbucks, all located in Terminal A. Visit Home Turf Sports Bar & Grill if you’re craving a hearty lunch and some refreshing beverages.
  • Fast food is available at Terminal B’s Burger King and Starbucks, and additional dining options include the Great Steak and Potato Company, Boulevard Brewery, Sbarro, and Jose Cuervo’s Tequileria. At Terminal C, you can choose from the Budweiser Stadium Club or a Starbucks for a bite to eat.
  • Other facilities: There are Braille signs and designated places for service animals at Kansas City International Airport.
  • Wi-Fi: The entire terminal complex is equipped with free Wi-Fi.

What Does A Parkade Do For Transportation?

You’ll find a lot of McIver residents and visitors at the airport parking lot. You might not know where to seek if you need a parking spot close to the airport and don’t know what’s available.

Many convenient parking options are available close to the airport. For most people, a parkade is the most practical solution. You can think of a parkade as an underground parking garage. They are always open and have more parking spots than a standard garage.

An alternative is to park on the street close to the airport. It cannot be easy because there are typically few open slots. In addition, you may have to wait a while for a parking spot if it is crowded.

MCI Airport Garage Parking

If all else fails, try parking at one of the private lots near the airport. These are typically the most costly option and have the shortest allowed length of stay.

Does the airport in Kansas City offer valet parking?

Valet parking at the Kansas City airport costs $12 for up to four hours and $27 for the day. Passengers can be dropped off near Gate 40 in Terminal B. If you use Park Valet, your car will be parked on the street. Since you wish to keep your car out of the weather, the Park Garage is your sole option for on-site parking.

It may come as a surprise, but there are several parking garages close to MCI Airport. This post will explain the many parking options and advise how to select the most convenient one. To that end, I hope the details provided here will facilitate a smooth transition.

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