How Does Parking Work At MCI?

How Does Parking Work At MCI?

You know how frustrating it is to go all the way to the airport only to have to fight crowds for a parking spot? Or be forced to pull up to a different parking lot because the one you entered filled up? It might be even more inconvenient when the airport is undergoing a major renovation, as with Kansas City International Airport, Missouri.

Larger airports don’t necessarily function better because they cause greater traffic and wait times. Even though it only has two terminals, Kansas City’s airport runs smoothly and efficiently.

Getting to the airport by car is quick and easy because there is rarely any congestion, and you can skip the long security line. There are proposals to increase airport capacity, but it will be many years before any new buildings are constructed.

reserve a parking spot at mci airport

Stop wasting time and use this simple reference instead! Here you will find information on parking at kc airport, including where to park and how much it will cost!

What’s The Difference Between Short-Term And Long-Term Parking?

Those who need to pick someone up from the airport or stay for a few hours will benefit greatly from the convenience of short-term parking. It is more cost-effective to park in a long-term lot if you need to leave your vehicle at the airport for weeks or months.

Even while all long-term and short-term parking lots at MCI Kansas City International Airport are suitable for international travelers, there is no designated parking lot for them. In addition to the standard airport shuttle service, some alternatives provide complimentary newspapers and beverages to make the journey more pleasant.

MCI Short-Term Parking:

MCI Short-Term Parking is open to the public for convenient airport parking. The parking choices at KCI Airport include valet service, short-term parking, and a Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Register and receive a coupon good for one free day. Alternatively, Garage Lots B and C offer short-term parking. The first 30 minutes are only $1, and from 1 to 7 hours, it’s $3 an hour.

Don’t leave your car unattended in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot, or it will be taken away at your expense, just like MCI does. Please use this information wisely, and we wish you a pleasant and safe flight.

MCI Long-Term Parking:

Finding secure, low-priced parking close to the airport may be a hassle for anyone, whether they’re there on business or for pleasure. Do you want to locate the best parking spot at Kansas City International Airport (MCI)? There’s no need to continue your search.

The Kansas City Airport has several major parking structures:

Garage Parking:

There are three parking facilities within a short walk of the airport terminal. Your vehicles will be sheltered from the elements in each garage’s secure parking lot. There is a height restriction of 7’2″ in Garage A, 7’4″ in Garage B, and 8’2″ in Garage C for oversize vehicles. Each garage has the same daily and hourly prices and is open whenever the building is.

Accessible Parking:

Any parking lot at Kansas City International Airport will have a spot reserved for those with special needs. Shuttles to and from the airport can accommodate passengers using wheelchairs. A valid disability parking permit or license plate is required for every passenger to use a handicapped parking place. Normal parking fees will be charged.

Circle Parking:

MCI used to have three circular parking areas for its customers. Sadly, the construction of the new airport terminal building necessitated the closure of Circle Lots E1 and E2, leaving just Circle Lot E3 open for use. Compared to garages and MCI valet parking, this building is more cost-effective.

There is a free shuttle service between this parking lot and the terminals, which operates around the clock. Parking is $1 for the first 30 minutes, $3 for the next 30-60 minutes, and $3 for each additional hour, the same as in the garage.

Economy Parking:

The MCI economy parking lots have many low-priced parking places and are your best bet for the cheapest self-parking option at MCI. You’ll discover three economy parking lots a short distance from the airport’s main building; follow the signs to the one that corresponds with your airline.

A free shuttle service will take you to and from the parking lots whenever you need it. About every 20 minutes, a shuttle service operates between the MCI economical parking lot and the main building. From 5 AM to 1 AM, you can take a shuttle between terminals.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot:

The Cell Phone Waiting Lot is a place for drivers to wait for passengers to be ready to be picked up from the terminal. No vehicle should be left unattended for more than 45 minutes. Towing costs for unattended vehicles are the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.

In addition to cars, buses, limos, vans, taxis, and rideshares can use this Lot at 680 Brasilia Ave.

The security features of KCI Economy Parking and why it's a safe choice for your vehicle

Kansas City Airport Parking Tips:

It’s easy to get to and out of Kansas City. Hotel parking near the MCI airport is a wonderful alternative because it allows you to begin your trip early or give yourself a day or two to rest and battle jet lag in comfort.

You can park in hotels for free, but it’s recommended that you stay there for at least one night. It is a perfect use for a hotel’s shuttle service and the many benefits it provides at a reasonable price.

Additional Airport Information:

Information Services:

“Ambassadors” are stationed at various points throughout the airport that can help with questions and point you in the right route. It’s easy to spot them because of their distinctive red blazers.

Baby Facilities:

Terminal C at MSI houses two separate nursing rooms. There is one in the united waiting area and one in the waiting area for passengers waiting for flights on Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.

Traveling With a Pet:

Four pet relieving places are available outside the restricted area at MSI. There are grassy areas outside at both the B and C terminals.

In addition to the outdoor relief area outside of Terminal C’s guarded area, Alaska, American, Frontier, and Spirit passengers can use the indoor relief room inside Terminal C. You’ll find it close to terminal C83.

Smoking Areas

MCI does not have any smoking lounges available for its guests. Smoking is restricted to designated areas outside of the terminal.

Airport Lounges:

At MCI, you won’t find any exclusive lounges. It is useful to know that Terminals B and C include a nursing moms’ lounge before security checkpoints.

Driving Directions:

From downtown Kansas City, it just takes 30 minutes on I-29 to reach KCI, and the drive is usually very pleasant, with little to no traffic. A roundabout for passengers to enter the airport is marked with arrows pointing to Terminals A, B, and C.

Alternatively, for $1.50 one way, you can take a RideKC bus on the 229 Boardwalk-KCI routes to and from the airport. The exact amount must be changed. Because there are no subways leading there, getting to the airport will require a car; fortunately, there are several private and public transportation choices available.

How to Spend Your Layover:

Several hotels, such as the Kansas City Airport Marriott, Four Points by Sheraton Kansas City Airport, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Hilton, and Embassy Suites by Hilton, are located close to the airport for those who require a place to stay during a layover.

Located only 11 minutes from the airport, Zona Rosa Town Center is a great option for those with a layover that won’t require an overnight stay. To kill time, you can visit one of the spas, gyms, or one of the more than a dozen restaurants or shops selling shoes, accessories, or clothing.

Reminders Before Leaving:

  • If you follow these guidelines before you go, you’ll have a much smoother time once you arrive at KCI.
  • The name on your passport or other government-issued picture identification must match the name on your airline ticket.
  • Make sure your flight has left the terminal before you leave the house.
  • Get at the airport at least two hours before leaving to ensure you have plenty of time, even if the lines are long.
  • Make sure your bags don’t weigh too much. Baggage above 50 pounds is often subject to additional fees. You should also pack any big liquids or gels in your checked luggage.

In Summary:

MCI is one of the finest airports in on-time performance since there is little congestion on the ground and in the air and very few delays or closures caused by bad weather. The new ultra-modern terminal is scheduled to open in the first few months of 2023, undoubtedly increasing productivity.

The building will follow a standard design within the restricted area with a single main terminal and additional concourses for convenient flight connections.

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