How it works

How TrueParkings Works

Our Motto is that solution should be light and easy to grasp so, our users can set back to their work. We set TrueParking with simple three steps provided:

Fill Your Destination

We truly believe in users that they need traveling for both work and during leisure time. That means their primary step is to fill the destination. They can do it with tension free by preferring hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly from the parking space available.

Book A Parking Space

People prefer options. So the second step involves in setting the parking spot that suites the user needs. Keep in mind that different spots offer different amenities and also filter spot by the according to your view.

Finally, there are premium add-on services keep your eye out for that as well.

Park with Peace of mind

All done! Simply drive to your destination. Don’t forget to print a copy of your reservation; it has everything you need.