How Much Does It Cost To Park At The Parking Spot At Kansas City Airport?

How Much Does It Cost To Park At The Parking Spot At Kansas City Airport?

Finding and paying for airport parking is the thing anyone wants to deal with when they’re in transit for business or pleasure. Finding a parking spot can add stress to your already hectic arrival at your location. To help you escape this predicament, finding economy parking at MCI airport is a breeze with the help of the information provided in this article.

Travelers leaving Kansas City typically head to either Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. There are a variety of hotels near Kansas City International Airport that can accommodate guests with early morning flights, including the Quality Inn, La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Kansas, Sleep Inn Kansas City, Microtel Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport, Super 8 by Wyndham Kansas City Airport, and Surestay Plus Hotel. Prairie View Road is where you’ll discover these convenient motels near the airport.

Regulations on Parking at KCI Airport:

  • For the convenience of its passengers, Kansas City International Airport provides a wide range of parking facilities.
  • The airport’s parking lots are well-lit and constantly monitored by security personnel.
  • Avoid tickets and towing fees by not parking in restricted areas.
  • All cars need to stay inside the white lines of their parking spot.
  • It is against the law to park on the grass, in fire lanes, or any other restricted place.

Kansas city airport parking types and prices:

Approximately 15 miles to the northwest of Downtown Kansas City is Kansas City International Airport. The airport’s onsite parking options include the Park Garage, Park Economy, and Park Circle. Daily and hourly parking are available at Park Garage, right next to Terminals B and C. Daily parking is available at Park Economy in the Economy Parking A, B, and C lots. Economy parking areas are connected to the airport via a free shuttle service. Parking spaces E3 and E4 at Park Circle are available for short- and long-term stays at the airport.

reserve a parking spot at mci airport

The Valet service at MCI Airport also has an open-air option. The Cell Phone Lot, located at 680 Brasilia Ave and serviced by MCI Airport, provides free parking for up to 45 minutes. Electric vehicle charging facilities are available in lots B and C of the economy parking garage. Planning and reserving a spot at one of the several off-site garages or lots is the best way to save money on MCI Airport parking.

Air Express Parking:

A shuttle service connects this parking lot and the airport terminals around the clock.

Cost of Parking at AirExpress

  • Rates start at $9 USD per day (without insurance).
  • Indoor Daily Rates of $15.00

Economy Parking:

The shuttle service between the parking lot and the airport terminals is available around the clock.

Economy Parking Rates:

  • One day’s stay costs $7.50.

Express Parking Service:

Passengers can use the valet parking service, conveniently located halfway around the terminal at Gate 40. Professional valets will carefully park your vehicle in a nearby surface lot, exposing it to the elements.

Express Parking Rates:

  • 0 – 4 hours = $12.00
  • Those who work more than four hours a day will be charged $3.00/hour up to a maximum of $27.00

Circle Parking:

Circle Parking is a parking option at Kansas City International Airport that includes spaces specifically for disabled passengers. The shuttle service between the parking lot and the airport terminals is available around the clock.

Circle Parking Fees:

  • The first thirty minutes are only one dollar.
  • Hours 30+ to 60+: $3.00
  • Amounting to $3.00 per hour for durations between 1 and 7 hours
    7+ hours to 24 hours: $15.50 total
  • Daily rates increase by $3.00 up to a maximum of $15.50 per day for each extra day.

Garage Parking:

Garage parking at Kansas City International Airport is provided and has three levels to accommodate vehicles of varying heights. Parking is available here for travelers every day of the week, all day, every day.

Garage Parking Fees:

  • The first thirty minutes are only one dollar.
  • Cost of $3 for 30 minutes or more, $5 for 30-60 minutes
  • Between 1 and 7 hours, you’ll pay $3.00 per hour.
  • Between 7 and 24 hours: $23.00
  • A daily maximum of $23.00 applies for each day past the first.

Curbside Valet – Terminal B:

Passengers who value convenience and quality in their parking service will feel at home here. The automobiles are cared for by the parking lot’s staff. Drop-off for valet service is situated in the middle of Terminal B’s circular layout, next to Gate 40. It’s always there for use whenever you need it.

Call +1 816-243-2019 when you return to the airport, so your car is waiting for you.

You’ll find the cashier for Valet Parking inside Terminal B, only a short distance from where you drop off your car for service. Tips are well accepted.

Curbside Valet price:

  • Rates \s- Up to 4 hours: $12
  • After 4 hours, it’s $3 an hour
  • Maximum per day: $27
MCI Airport Economy Parking

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Kansas City International Airport’s parking garage free?

Yes. The MCI Airport Cell Phone Waiting Lot offers free parking. It is the best choice if you only need to pick up people and won’t be staying at MCI. If you park for at least three consecutive days, you can use this offer for a free additional day of parking.

Is it possible to book a parking spot at MCI Airport in advance?

At MCI Airport, reserving in advance is not required. Several off-site parking lots in the vicinity of MCI Airport may be reserved in advance if you choose.

Is there any parking for Workers at KCI Airport?

Employees may use several parking lots and garages near Kansas City International Airport (KCIA). Employees can park free in the designated Employee Parking Lot on the airport’s south side. Shuttles operate every 15 minutes from the lot to the terminals, and it’s open 24/7. The Short-Term Parking Lot is available to employees for $2 per day. The lot is accessible at all times and is situated north of the airport. An airport shuttle service is available.

Which airlines operate jets from Kansas City?

Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, and United Express are included.

Is MCI and KCI airport the same?

Mid-Continent International Airport, known as Kansas City International Airport, was founded in the early twentieth century. The airport code “MCI” was granted by the International Air Transport Association. In the United States, airports cannot have codes that begin with N, K, or W. The airport goes by both MCI and KCI, though.

Travelers who frequently use airports had better luck at MCI Airport than at other U.S. facilities. It’s a major hub for aviation travel in the United States. And among the greatest airports in the United States for people running late, it comes in at number two.

Considering the number of passengers and the size of the terminals at KCI, the airport still has a manageable TSA wait time. When you know how long the lines will be at security checks, you can rest and enjoy the trip.

Passengers have time to kill between security checks, so they may as well spend it with their families or eating their favorite airport food. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to stock up on necessities for the trip.

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