Kansas City International Airport Parking Guide That Saves Your Time And Money

Kansas City International Airport Parking Guide That Saves Your Time And Money

Airport parking is notorious for being a nightmare. Those lots are not only more expensive than lots located further from the airport, but they are also frequently overcrowded. And if you’re already running late for your trip, do you want the added stress of finding a parking spot in an on-airport lot close to or at capacity?

Anxiety overpaying a lot of money for long-term parking at an airport is a real concern for everyone who has to take a flight. The cost of automobile security doesn’t have to be prohibitive while you’re gone.

MCI airport parking rates

Here you may reserve a parking spot at Kansas City International Airport. Find the best parking option for your requirements by comparing ratings, prices, and future openings across all parking lot partners. Finding the finest parking at KCI airport is crucial to having a stress-free flying experience in and out of Kansas Airport. Let’s get better at budgeting so we can buy more vacation mementos together.

Tips for Finding a Place to Park:

Remember these guidelines when looking for parking at the Kansas City International airport.

  • Find out whether there are parking prices by visiting the airport’s website or using Google Maps. Parking at several airports is cheaper at off-peak hours or if you’re a member of a certain club.
  • On Sundays and after 3 p.m., many meters are free to use. Parking at many airports is available in paid lots, which may be more affordable than parking in the city.
  • If possible, take into account using the bus or train. Approximately every 20 minutes, you may catch a shuttle from Kansas City International Airport to the city’s heart. Union Station has cheap parking, and it’s not far to get to the KCl terminals from there.

How much does parking at Kansas City’s MCI Airport cost?

Kansas City International Airport offers two primary parking alternatives for your vehicle: Economy Airport Parking Lots (B & C) and Garage Airport Parking. Getting to and from the airport terminal from the Economy Airport Parking Lots is a breeze on the free shuttle buses that run around the clock. If you have to park for less than 30 minutes at the airport, you may do so for only $1, $3 for the next 30-60 minutes, $3 for each hour, and $23 per day with Garage Airport Parking. Garages B and C in the airport parking lot are the ones that are most conveniently located near the terminal exits.

The benefits of parking at KCI Economy Parking for short and long-term stays

Valet parking is provided at the airport for $12 for up to four hours, $3 for each extra hour, or $27 for the day.

Tips to save time and money on parking at KCI:

1. Join airport loyalty programs:

Signing up for the airport’s rewards program is another wonderful idea if you want to save time and money on airport parking. It is a fantastic alternative for frequent fliers. Depending on the airport, frequent flyer programs may give discounts on both airfare and parking. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the many programs your airport offers; How much cash you can spare might pleasantly surprise you.

2. Reserve long-term parking:

If you plan, you may be able to save money on parking for an extended period. Call the parking garage and inquire about the difference between the pre-paid and walk-up rates. Parking Place always offers better pricing for online bookings than walk-ups, so Make a reservation before your trip.

Be aware that some parking lots include cancellation fees if you book in advance and then cancel before your flight. If you decide to go this path, you should research whether or not this is a potential problem.

3. Get dropped off directly at the airport:

Even though it’s obvious advice, Avoiding the high cost of airport parking is easiest and most cost-effective when a friend or family member drops you off there. The convenience of having your loved ones dropped off at the terminal curbside cannot be overstated when traveling by plane.

Taking a taxi to the airport will save you money on airport parking and time and stress by eliminating the need to haul car seats, baggage, and other items onto shuttle buses.

Although you probably won’t beg your loved ones for rides to the airport every time you take a flight, you may take turns being the designated driver on longer excursions.

Maximizing Convenience and Savings with KCI Airport Parking

4. Make use of Park and Ride facilities:

Certain airports and private firms offer park-and-ride services. These lots are often located further from the airport’s terminals. However, there is a complimentary airport shuttle provided.

It is possible to rent your car throughout your trip with several park-and-ride services. Although it goes against common sense, this is the most cost-effective method of finding parking. With this package, you can relax knowing that your automobile is protected in the event of an accident while you are away.

5. Travel Outside of Peak Times:

Parking fees and other travel charges may rise during holiday travel periods. There’s also a chance that bargains may be tougher to come by. Thus, it is more probable that you will save money if you plan your trip during a less popular period of the year or month.

The busiest times of day might differ depending on where you are. Avoid booking a flight over the winter vacations or Spring Break if you want to score a discount.

6. Look for coupons or membership incentives:

Competition is fierce due to the abundance of comparison shopping websites. Every website works so hard to distinguish itself from the competition. Many comparison sites pool coupon coupons since they know it’s the best method to increase traffic. To see if a discount code is available, type [name of website + discount code] into a search engine.

Numerous airports and websites provide members with exclusive discounts and perks. Make sure you don’t lose out on any of these possibilities by double-checking with the airport parking facility and the website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I reduce the cost of parking?

  • The challenge for these groups is getting as many individuals as possible to make the switch.
  • Pay-by-the-hour parking incentives.
  • Scholarships for bicycles.
  • Set up rewards for those who choose to carpool or use ridesharing services.
  • Make use of mode-based competitions.
  • Utilize the might of modern machinery.

Pre-booking airport parking saves money?

No, pre-reservation of parking at the airport saves money. Making your reservation in advance increases your odds of getting the lowest possible rate.

Is there a better way to park?

There should ideally be parking on both sides of access aisles in a rectangular parking lot. The most practical two-way traffic flow layout has parking spots perpendicular (90 degrees) to the aisles. As the parking angle falls, efficiency drops.

What about parking in Kansas City? Is it free?

Availability changes during the day. On-street parking is metered and free after 6 p.m. and on weekends. Most places you’d want to go to once you’re Downtown are within easy walking distance.

Parking fees at airports are never pleasant, but they need not be exorbitant. You may save a ton of money by finding cheaper alternatives to terminal parking and knowing where to look for them.

Because of the widespread belief that airport parking is too expensive, many individuals avoid using airport parking. But this isn’t always the case, as savvy shoppers may uncover affordable airport parking options. Take into account the advice given in this article the next time you travel, and you won’t have to worry about arranging a cab or asking a stranger for aid with transportation.

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