How Airport Parking Works At Kansas City

How Airport Parking Works At Kansas City

Initially, airports served just as a hub where passengers could change planes. Visitors were typically dropped off since parking was limited. It was revolutionary to have gated, well-lit, and fee-based parking lots.

You can trust On Air Parking to locate the most affordable parking options at KCI airports in Missouri. We’re here to help whether your trip is a day or two weeks long. Let On Air Parking locate the rate you need at Kansas City International Airport, whether you’re flying in for business or pleasure.

Why KCI Economy Parking is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers
Why KCI Economy Parking is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers

Nearly sixteen kilometers (ten miles) to the north-northwest of the city center lies the Kansas City International Airport (MCI), which serves the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri. Regarding passenger volume, it rivals or surpasses the nation’s busiest airports.

Types of parking at MCI:

Shuttle parking:

Airport parking is flexible. Shuttle parking is common. You drive to and park your car. Shuttle buses carry you and your bags to the airport.

When returning to the airport, phone the parking lot, so the shuttle bus is waiting for you. The bus will carry you and your stuff to your car so you can leave fast.

This parking method lets you find your automobile. Often, you may bring your auto keys overseas.

The parking provider may ask for your keys so they may move your car and use the space more efficiently. Your car will be waiting for you when you return to the parking lot, and you won’t have to worry about your keys.

When comparing parking, you can check if you need to hand in your keys and select based on your preferences.

Tips for finding the best deals and discounts on KCI Economy Parking

Terminal Parking:

Airport terminal parking is the lot that is most conveniently located near the terminals. They can be recognized by a number, a letter, or even the name of a parking garage. These garages feature a gated entrance and operate on a “push button, take a ticket” basis.

Parking at most airports is covered and accessible to those who use wheelchairs. Valet parking, reserved parking spots, and electric vehicle charging are available. Drive-up parkers are welcome at the terminal. However, parking there might get busy depending on the airline gates near the terminal. To find out if real-time data on parking spots at your airport is available, visit the airport’s website.

An Overview of Common Types of Airport Parking

Airport-Owned Parking SpaceNear To Terminal of the AirportHigh CostSpread Over wast Areas
Privately Owned Airport ParkingOutside The Perimeter of the AirportAffordable PriceCompact Area or Fenced In
Hotel Parking LotsAway From The Airport or Located At Some DistanceReasonable PriceSecurity is Low In the Case Of the Open-Access Parking Area

Parking Rates and Options:

Depending on the parking lot, daily rates at Kansas City International Airport can range from $7.50 to $27.

Shuttles go to and from the airport terminals and parking areas for free seven days a week.

Long Term:

Four long-term parking choices are available at the Kansas City Airport, all located in the airport’s parking garage.

Parking TypeRate Per HourRate Per Site
Park GaragePer Hour – $3Per Day – $23
Park CirclePer Hour – $3Per Day – $15.50
Park EconomyPer Hour – $3Per Day – $7.50
Park ValetPer Hour – $15Per Day – $27

Short term:

Parking garages at Kansas City International Airport are available on an hourly basis. Hourly parking is ideal if you need to drop someone off or pick them up during the Day. However, the parking garage, park economy, park circle, and valet sections are your best bets if you require overnight parking.

Parking TypePer 30 minutesPer HourAbove one Hour
Park Garages0-30 Minutes – $130-60 Minutes – $31-7 Hours (by the Hour) – $3
Park Circle0-30 Minutes – $130-60 Minutes – $31-7 Hours (by the Hour) – $3
Park Valet0-4 Hours – $12Charge $3 additional HourCharge $3 additional Hou

Car Rental Alternatives:

Consider choosing a company like Budget or Hertz if you need a cheap automobile rental. You may save a lot of money and time by using one of these services, which offers pick-up and drop-off at several airports. The various automobile rental services in Kansas City are a great option if you want to spend more than a couple of days in the area.

Alternatively, you might take a bus or subway. The Kansas City Metro offers several convenient airport stops, and rates are typically low. In addition, many forms of public transportation, including buses and trains, now provide passengers with free access to Wi-Fi, allowing them to keep up with their daily tasks even when on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if My Flight is Delayed?

Parking fees at Kansas City International Airport are calculated based on the time you enter the parking lot, not the time you exit to catch your flight. No need to worry about arriving early if your aircraft is delayed leaving. Most travelers worry more about a delay in their return journey.

In most cases, we will not increase the price of your long-term airport parking in Kansas City if you are still within the 24-hour grace period and the delay was not your fault. We want to be your go-to Kansas City airport parking service since we know delays might happen. Be sure to verify shuttle times in case of a delay.

How Does MCI Shuttle Work?

A free shuttle runs nonstop from the MCI parking areas to and from the Kansas City airport. Read the parking lot’s policies carefully; they may differ from those of the Kansas City airport. In addition, check-in and the shuttle ride to the terminal might take up to ten minutes.

Returning passengers to the Kansas City airport will find courtesy phones in the baggage claim area, and a phone number on their claim check to contact when their luggage is ready to be picked up. Shuttle buses operate nonstop at major airports. To and from the terminal at select airports, your vehicle will be shuttled to and from the terminal.

How many ways are there to park?

Parallel parking, perpendicular parking, and angle parking are the three most frequent parking place layouts for automobiles. When a car is parked in one of these arrangements, the driver does not need assistance from anybody else.

Where can I park at MCI?

Covered and uncovered parking is available at the MCI airport parking lot on NW Prairie View Road, and a shuttle service to and from the airport is provided at no cost. You can reserve a spot at the airport for either a short or long period, so choose your parking option accordingly.

Parking choices at Kansas City International Airport are plentiful and suitable for passengers arriving and departing from the airport. There are six on-airport parking choices and various nearby lots and garages.

Long-term and short-term parking prices, with parking and shuttles and dining alternatives, are just details our guide will give.

Parking your car at an off-site garage or an airport hotel instead of the Kansas City airport is the most cost-effective option and gives you peace of mind while you’re gone.

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