5 Best Airport Parking Solutions

5 Best Airport Parking Solutions

If you’re seeking a more cost-effective way to begin your vacation or journey out of Kansas City Airport, you may want to investigate parking options. Here, you’ll find details on various inexpensive and convenient off-site and on-site parking choices close to Kansas City International Airport.

You need a safe parking garage or lot close to Kansas City International Airport. We’ve compiled the top 5 airport parking options, so you don’t have to keep searching.

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KC International Airport Parking Information

There is a wide range of parking options close to Kansas City International Airport.

  • If you’re flying into Kansas City International Airport, you should arrive early to avoid the gridlock and enormous queues of cars that form every day.
  • Simple, quick, and unrestricted access to vehicles
  • Cameras and guards constantly monitor vehicles.
  • Reserved parking spots are guaranteed to be there when you come.
  • If you want to save money and prevent stress, park somewhere other than the airport.
  • Find the best deal by comparing prices and services.
  • Make sure you have information regarding the airport shuttle service.
  • Before making a reservation, it is important to learn the cancellation policy.
  • You won’t have any trouble getting your car out.
  • You are free to leave and reenter the reserved space at any time.

5 Best Airport Parking Options:

1. Park and Ride:

Your pre-booked parking spot is conveniently located within a short drive of the airport so that you can drive your car there. You may get dropped off and picked up at the terminal curb via a free shuttle service. There will be parking lots offering shuttles only on demand and others with scheduled shuttle service. If you have any bags, the driver will gladly assist you with them.

  • When looking for long-term parking at MCI, you have two primary options: the Economy Garage and the Park Air Express. Both locations have accessible buses and have friendly, helpful staff.
  • There are three parking garages to choose from when selecting the Economy rate. You can reduce your carbon impact by using charging stations for electric vehicles at garages B and C.
  • Park Air Express, a valet service affiliated with MCI, provides convenient off-site parking that includes covered and uncovered lots and various extras, including complimentary newspapers and charging stations for electric cars.
reserve a parking spot at mci airport

2. Park and Walk:

Because of the proximity of these lots and garages to the terminal, a shuttle service is not required. Drop your luggage off at the parking garage and walk to the terminal.

  • The Park Garage and the Park Circle are both great options for short-term parking. Each one has its unique amenities and price point to offer to tourists.
  • The entryways to the three parking levels at Park Garage are all at various heights. Parking garages feature hourly, seven-hour, and daily prices for their customers.
  • Several convenient parking lots can be found around Park Circle, and buses are constantly operating to transport passengers to and from the airport. Parking is still available, even though some businesses have closed because of the repairs.

3. Park, Sleep & Fly:

Get a hotel room for the night and take the airport shuttle in the morning. We guarantee the safety of your vehicle at the hotel’s underground parking garage. The hotel will provide a shuttle service when you’re ready to head back to your car. Everything like this is rolled into the room rate at the hotel.

4. Valet Parking:

Drop leave your vehicle at the terminal with the help of valet parking. Do not waste time waiting for a shuttle if you do not want to search for parking or lug around heavy bags. Your car will be waiting outside the baggage claim area when you return.

5. Off-air parking:

Using the MCI parking areas at the Kansas City Airport might be painful. While the MCI airport lots are handy, the off-airport parking choices provide more flexibility. Many hotels in the area provide convenient amenities, including shuttle service, valet parking, covered parking spaces, and more.

Many of these hotels are within a three-mile radius of the airport and offer convenient shuttle service in the wee hours. Check to determine if the hotel’s parking lot is available 24 hours a day and if it is a secure lot before utilizing it. Visit AirportParkingReservations.com for more on parking at Kansas City International Airport (MCI).

book parking at MCI Airport

Also, MCI is the home base for various external shuttle services. Make sure the shuttle service you choose works with your schedule, and book far in advance, especially during the holidays.

Frequently asked questions:

Is an Overnight Stay Possible at a Kansas Rest Area?

In a word, yes. A vehicle’s occupants are not violating state laws by opting to get some shut-eye at a Kansas rest stop. KDOT does not specify if camping on the grass is allowed or not. The sole rule explicitly stated is that you cannot prevent other people from entering or using the rest area.

How can I find out whether there are any parking spots left at Kansas City International Airport?

Although it is not possible to obtain an instantaneous update on parking availability at MCI, a parking fee estimator is provided on the airport’s website.

Where is your parking lot located?

Within 10 minutes of your purchase, you will get an email with the name and address of the parking facility where you will be parking. If you’re having trouble finding the facility’s location using your GPS or maps, please visit the website of one of our partner facilities and quickly search using the facility’s name or phone number provided in your confirmation email.

How much does short-term parking cost at Kansas City International Airport?

At Kansas City International Airport (MCI), short-term parking in Garages B and C costs $1 for the first 30 minutes, $3 for 30-60 minutes, £3 per hour for 1-7 hours, and $23 for 7-24 hours. Price increases by $3/hr or $23/day for each extra day.

Circle Lots E3 and E4 also provide short-term parking options. You’ll pay $1 for the first 30 minutes, $3 for the next 30-60 minutes, £3 per hour for the next 1-7 hours, and $15.50 for the next 7-24 hours if you park in one of these lots. Any additional days will cost $15.50 per day or $3 per hour.

Do you have access to EV charging stations at MCI?

Kansas City International Airport’s Economy Lots B and C are equipped with charge stations for electric vehicles. Between Rows 12 and 13, next to Bus Shelter B10, you’ll locate Economy Lot B’s EV charging stations. Between Rows 2 and 3, near Bus Shelter C4, you’ll find the charging stations in Economy Parking Lot C.

During the hectic check-in process at Kansas City International Airport, as the winter holiday season winds down and people return home, you may find yourself puzzling over a three-letter detail: KCI.

It may be a tremendous pain to park in an airport lot. Not only do those lots fill up quickly, but they also cost a lot more than their off-airport counterparts. Moreover, if you’re already running late for your trip, do you want the added stress of finding a parking spot in an on-airport lot close to or at capacity? Of course, you will not!

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